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Of “Wrath babys” and the such

February 10, 2011 4 comments

So today I’m going to talk about something that the wonderful Ice from started.

I’m going to continue along this, and expand. I’m going to go all deep and thinkingly like, and try to drill down to why this problem exists. I’m first going to talk about who,  then about the problem itself, the context of difficulty, and then lastly I’m going to talk a bit about skill. Read more…


Average iLevel, worse than gearscore?

December 13, 2010 13 comments

Sorry about the quietness for a week, I like everyone else has been getting wrapped up in cataclysm, and what a breath of fresh air it is! Blizzard has hit the with almost everything in cataclysm. But today I’ve decided I’m going to talk about one place I feel they haven’t hit the mark. In fact I feel they’re way of.

The average item level UI

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Your User Interface

November 10, 2010 8 comments

Your User interface, Its how you interact with and view the game world. Its kind of important. It has to inform you about the game world without obstructing your view of the game world.

This post is essentially going to go over some of the ‘rules’ to making a good UI. Some of the common pitfalls that people tend to fall into, that I’ve fallen into, and probably still fall into.

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