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Old spice

October 21, 2010 6 comments

Hello gear score addicts!
look at me,
now back to you,
now back at me,
now back to you,
sadly your (tank/dps/heal)ing isn’t mine,
but if you stopped giving a shit about GS and learnt to play,
your (tank/dps/heal)ing could be like mine,
look down,
now back up,
where are you?
your in ICC,
With the player who your (tank/dps/heal)ing could be like,
whats in your hand?
Back at me
I have it
Its that gear you want to cover your badness,
look again!
The gear is now Infinite dust!
I’m on a invincible (I wish I was anyway)


Feel free to make suggestions, if I like em I’ll change it around as needed 🙂

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