Hey cool pvp!

So this is just a post to show my support for player run pvp tournaments. Like the NAO 3v3 player run tournament from a week or two ago.

And to say hey blizzard, be cool and put more tools into WoW to support these tournaments with better tools. At the moment player runs tournaments with everything they have done we can run 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments with commentators and spectator mode, or 5v5/BG tournaments, but we won’t get any commentators or spectator mode.

And to be candid, for these tournaments to gain any kind of traction in the community, and to get on to the big stages like SC2, we need commentators and (flying!) spectator mode. Commentators need to be able to cut their teeth on player run tournaments before its pushed to the main stage.

My belief is that BG tournaments could be very very popular, but it needs your support blizzard.

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