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Heroic Morchok 10 rage

I’d just like to take this moment, and this oppportunity to say how much a 10man fight sucks that requires 2 groups consisting of

1 tank
2 healers
1 melee soaker
1 generic DPS

This kind of makes it annoying to put together groups. Not even 10man has access to 3 healers let alone 4. Especially after a tier that required almost every fight to be 2 healed.

Thank you very much Blizzard.

As a side note to my aboe rant. I’d like to point out that H morchok FEELS like it could, and is meant to be 2 healed, and a very challanging 2 heal. However the enrage timer is so lax that you can drop 50% of your DPS and still kill it in time with a required DPS of roughly 14,000 from each DPS raid member.

So in short the DPS seems far under tuned, and healing seems far over tuned.

Or better put, the DPS enrage ends up feeling ok if you 4 heal it atd the healing required is a joke. The healing is VERY challanging if you 2 heal it and the DPS requirement is a joke.


(welcome back to blogging to me?)

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