Fel Flame

Fel Flame was our new spell which we learned at level 81. But so far quite a few warlocks have been left puzzled about just where this spell fits in with everything.

A little bit of history
The primary use of Fel Flame is to fill a void in our tool kit. Many of you would of noticed during wrath and earlier that when asked to move there wasn’t really much you could do…

You would cast corruption and then… hope your were you were going. Or sometimes shadowflame if you were close to the boss. Especially if you were running as affliction (as a lot of warlocks were at the end of the expansion) and taking advantage of dot rolling mechanics (as most warlocks were) then recasting corruption could of been a huge loss of DPS. This left you with very few tools to use while moving, if any at all.

Along came cataclysm, and the lovely people over at blizzard decided that we could do with filling out this niche of our tool kit, and so fel flame was born.

But so far in its history its been a mis understood spell, with PVE players shunning it as a PVP spell, and PVP players shunning it as a PVE spell.

So we use it while moving…?

When you can’t cast anything else, hit this button. Yes this means you’ll have to learn to be able to press movement buttons (wasd) and spam another key at the same time. Think of it as patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.

4 piece tier 11 bonus is nice too
The other time when you want to cast it is when your lovely 4 piece bonus procs. It may seem like a low proc chance, but in todays environment of immolate spam to AE (although this may have died a little now), and a plethora of encounters with 2+ major targets it procs a lot more than people tend to give it credit for.

While we’re here, destructions synergy with Fel Flame
Fel Flame is a great spell for movement, but even more so for destruction, especially for destruction on longer term movement. Why is this?

When moving Affliction can keep…
Corruption, UA and bane of X rolling on the target. After a while both haunt and SE will fall of after 8/12 seconds respectivly

Demo can keep…
Corruption, immolate and bane of X rolling on the target

Destruction can keep…
Immolate, corruption, ISF and conflag all rolling, after up to  30 seconds after movement has started.

This means that baring your filler being replaced by Fel Flame, destruction only losses chaos bolt, while destruction losses the majority of its damage sources, and affliction quickly losses its damage bonus’s. This results in destructions extended movement being far higher. With a soul burned soul fire being a option destruction also suffers the least if movement comes when ISF is about to fall of, as opposed to haunt/SE for affliction.

All in all this results in destructions ability to be mobile and keep up respectable DPS being the best out of all 3 specs.

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