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Pressing buttons. WITH L33T SK1LL5: Avoiding damage, movement and so on

Last time I (tried too) place emphasis on how to do damage while moving. In hindsight I should of focus’d on giving you arguments to do damage while moving, rather than helping people do damage while moving first.  So this time I’m going to try and present arguments and some level of reasoning for why you should be moving. A lot.

Raid awareness
If something appears under your toon (Or above with abilitys that look like player abilitys (Dear obscenity of dreadmaul, I still remember you doing that to me, diaf >.>) move. Theres a few exceptions here with effects that you want to stand in, but the number of bad things to get out of far outweigh the good things.

Play it safe, GTFO  bad stuff.

Using defensive CDs
If you can’t avoid damage, you’ll want to try and negate it as best as you can. Nether ward is your friend, this is even more true with the changes to Nether Protection (If you picked it up), now instead of only procing on the damage that breaks your Nether ward, any damage done to it will proc it. This combined with soul link (which you should be using all the time) can make misc (magical) raid damage trivial.

If your a ret pally who happens to get a few to many stacks, pop bubble or divine protection. Don’t let yourself die. If your a kitty who does the same? Hit bark skin, and/or bear form.

Don’t run shit through the raid with some damaging aura. Seriously.
If someone dispels you early when you have that annoying debuff on rotface, don’t drag it through the raid, if you have a light bomb, and you for some reason are on the ‘wrong’ side of XT, don’t run through. If you get light bomb, and your on the wrong side of the raid, run out that side instead of through. If you get the HM PP plague don’t run it through the raid so it jumps to 10 people in under 10 seconds. All of these will significantly lead to increased raid damage , and potentially lead to a set of events that could, and likely will kill someone.

Don’t learn the specifics of each encounter, but rather learn to always be aware, and always be avoiding
This can be a hard concept to convey, the general jist is, don’t say “Its LDW, I need to look out for a green DND on the ground and move out of that, if I see anything else I’m not moving”. Instead always be aware, always be watching. The raid leader should only have to explain the specifics of an encounter, not to move out of X bad thing on the ground, and run away from Y, these happen in almost every encounter in some shape or another.

People tend to default to (in wow) “I don’t know what it is, I’m going to ignore it”. This is due in part to players having SO.MANY.SPELL.EFFECTS. After being paranoid of everything that even moves on your screen for a while, you learn that other people make things happen on your screen. ALl spell effects, good and bad begin to shift into information noise. This is very very bad. Bad UIs can attribute to this, if you have party frames, with all your partys buffs/debuffs that are constantly changing, eventually your brain will block out that movement. Anything up in that corner will end up ignored. If a ghost (LDW) spawns there your brain will block it out. Then bad things happen.

Be aware, if it looks at you funny, its probably considering how best to nom nom nom you, GTFO now, ask questions later.

Its your job to move to things, instead of them to move to you
If your on the wrong side of LDW, its your job to move to the adds to burn them down, rather than to have the tank bring them to you. Its your job to goto them, and kill them, rather than to tunnel the boss until they spawn on your side again.

If a healer places a aoe healing effect just beside you, you need to move into it, rather than blame the healer for placing it ‘badly’. The exception to this is if your observing some kind of “Spread out or everyones going to die very horribly and painfully” raid mechanic, because then when you move everyone will die horribly. And we don’t want that.

Occasionally there will be times where your going to have to balance damage taken vs damage output
Listen to your healers on vent. When you hear the crazed blood thirsty screams  for a ritualistic sacrifice of your body on vent, your taking to much damage.

Being slightly more serious, really, listen to them on vent. If they say your taking to much damage, tone it down a bit. These fights are hardly ever a dps race. If you wipe, talk to them, ask them if it was because dps was to low and the fight just plain and simple went on to long, or if people were taking to much damage, and they couldn’t keep everyone up.

Its fights like this where moving into aoe healing effects becomes just that much more important. Click the light well. Do things to help your healers, they’ll appreciate it, and maybe just maybe by the end of the night they won’t collapse in a heap.

In current content where time is the largest factor your healers have to deal with is time, you don’t want to create more healing than should absolutely be needed. If you die, or you cause someone else in the raid to die directly (you messed up) or indirectly (you messed up and a healer healed you over someone else) and your pushing against a hard enrage (festergut without easy mode 30% buff) or a hard healing vs dps race (such as PP P3) then you could wipe the raid.

Once we hit cataclysm this is going to be just that much more important. Healer mana, if its like we are lead to believe, is going to be a huge concern. Taking that extra damage will increase healer mana usage, which will lead to their blue bar hitting 0 before the bosses green bar hits 0. Thats very very bad.

This is what happens when blue bars get to 0

  1. December 2, 2010 at 12:57 am

    This is all true.

    Unfortunately it just takes a lot of time to get the hang of your raid/party members spell effects vs. mob spell effects. To make this harder a heck of a lot of mobs in the game will use player effect to confuse you: for example on my baby firey Mage I’ll put down Flamestrike against those cultist mobs between the second and last bosses… and the mobs there will also put down their flamestrike.

    Experience will tell you when it’s something friendly you can ignore or when it’s something bad that’s hurting you. If you’re ever in doubt, run out.

    • December 2, 2010 at 9:23 am


      As I hinted to in the post, I had a guildie that liked to place hurricane over people on certain trash mobs that also did hurricane. Chaos ensued, especially as the NPC version (iirc) could very easily 2 shot people so getting out was important.

      Lots of running around with hurricane following me >.<

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