Bane of havoc

This has been one of my most popular posts, but the examples of where you could use it were all out of date. I somehow doubt many people want to know where they can use BoH in ICC and RS.

As such I’m going to give this post a little bit of a update.

As a introduction, in 4.0 we had our curses split into banes and curses. Both are still curses in regards to dispels, but now you can have one bane, and one curse up, this is great as it no longer means that a warlock will have to give up damage to apply a important debuff. Curses are pure utility, while banes are pure damage. As a little introduction, lets go over these, as some of these have changed significantly and people seem to be getting confused.

Your curses

  • Curse of Elements – Helps you pew pew better, now only 8% magic damage
  • Curse of Tongues – Increases cast time, helps you GTFO sindys big ice blast
  • Curse of  Weakness– Helps prevent your tanks going splat, is now a 10% flat reduction to physical damage, over a AP reduction
  • Curse of Exhaustion (Talented) – Slows things, so melee can’t catch you (maybe), slows by 50%

And the banes

  • Bane of Agony – In another life was curse of agony, now does damage over time ramping up
  • Bane of Doom – In another life was curse of doom, now does damage every 15 secs and can summon a little demon when it ticks
  • Bane of Havoc (Talented) – The awesome spell I’ll be talking about today

Bane of havoc is a talented destruction only bane. It fills the void in the destruction toolkit in that we weren’t very good at doing damage to 2 targets over a long period, while both affliction and demonology had options to be able to run with dots over multiple targets. Demonology warlocks also had the felguards cleave to damage 2 targets at once if they were next to each other. While destruction could roll immolate over multiple targets, this paled in comparison, although it is now a very viable option, but having bane of havoc gives us an extra dimension unique to destruction.

So what does bane of havoc actually do? 15% of damage done to all other targets is also dealt to the baned target. It essentially allows a destruction warlock to (easily) damage 2 targets at once. This combined with the new stronger immolate and corruption have nicely rounded out this part of our tool box.

So where do I want to use it?
Most encounters these days will involve some place for you to make use of this. I’m very briefly going to touch on this.

Bastion of twilight
Bane a halfus while burning a drake down, potentially throw dots on all targets while your at it for even more damage

Bane the opposite drake to the one your attacking

Ascended council
Havoc one in P1 and burn the other, if you don’t recast havoc then it will stay on that boss and continue to do damage during P2

I’ve actually found havoc isn’t to useful here. May be an idea to swap regularly between havoc and doom

Blackwing Decent
Bane magmaw just before his head comes up, then magmaws head when it goes away

Omontron defense system
Bane the first bot that isn’t magmatron when he hits 50% power

Bane him during green (and black!) phase, or a add other wise outside of green (and black!) phase

Not useful here

Not useful here

During phase 1 you can bane either dragon and burn the other. Also on the agenda is to havoc nefarian before you jump down, but you MUST let your tanks know
During phase 2 you can havoc the add in front of you, or nef, and burn the other. If your feeling adventurous you can havoc another platforms add, and get back to your own and multidot your target and nef, but you MUST let your healers know.

Throne of the 4 winds
Conclave of wind
You can start on a alternative platform, havoc that boss and then jump over to another one

If your on the stormlings you can bane al’akir and burn them

In conclusion?
Havoc is a brilliant spell, and it rounds out our tool box rather nicely. Knowing when and how to use it is part of what makes a good warlock, I’ve touched on it briefly in here, but some of this is very Dependant upon your strategy. For example, If you have your entire raid to turn and kill the stormlings then its not very likely that you’ll want to havoc al’akir for that.

  1. December 14, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    I’m going to use my last point to pick this up hoping that it finds a purpose, but so far in dungeons I don’t see a use for it at all. I haven’t finished every dungeon in the game though, since I’m only 84, but still.. it seems pretty lackluster right now.

    • December 14, 2010 at 2:55 pm

      Dungeons so far haven’t had to much use for it, the most useful boss so far has been in lost city I believe it was?

      Where you had the croc boss, who puts adds out, bane of havoc on the boss, and aoe/burn the adds down.

      You also have the phoenix kiting boss, where you can place it on the phoenix to kill him faster, and keep him dead longer.

      I also used it on the last boss in throne of the tides in P2, where I placed it on one channeling add and killed the other 2.

  2. December 15, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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    • December 16, 2010 at 7:45 am

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