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Reasons why warlocks are better than mages.

Ok warlocks. I goto google. I type in “Warlocks are superior to mages” and I get a bunch of MAGE SUPERIORITY PROPAGANDA. Where is our warlock pride?

Its time to change this. Beginning here I shall blog the truth, and give reasons why warlocks are in fact far superior to mages (or any other class for that matter).  I invite other warlocks to stand up for warlock pride and do similar. Mages need to be put in their place.

  1. Warlocks bring people together with summons. Mages send them away with portals.
  2. Mages can give you 80 strudels, warlocks 1 soul candy, but ours is there in combat when you need it the most. Quality > Quantity
  3. Soul candy doesn’t leave you if you log out, mage strudel does.
  4. mages have fanboys. Warlocks don’t, and that automatically makes them better. Besides, fangirls ftw.
  5. Warlocks bring Surprise Rockmonsters
  6. Felpuppies play fetch.
  7. Fear doesn’t break on any little bit of damage, polymorph, like mages themselves, breaks so easily…
  8. Mages can’t blink through walls, warlocks can teleport through walls.
  9. We have myselfJagoex and this guy, isn’t that just so much awesome packed into one class?
  10. We have Cynwise, potentially the most bad ass pvp warlock in existence. So bad ass they get their own reason as to why warlocks are far superior to mages
  11. Warlocks have green fire, who DOESN’T love green fire? Its like regular fire but GREEN.
  12. They sparkle. Do you know who else sparkles? This guy (yes all mages are really sparkle vampires)
  13. Demonology warlocks get a mini arms warrior, frost mages get a squirt gun.
  14. The mage city got demolished by one of the most bad ass demons ever. I have a secret. Unofficially, there was a warlock controlling that demon. 😉
  15. Despite all the talk of how bad, evil and stupid our demons are, they always fall get seduced by one. Every time. Without fail.
  16. Mages always piss of the wrong people, why do you think they need all those defensive CD’s, invisibility, ice block… the list goes on
  17. Mages are brilliant for punting, especially gnome ones.
  18. People seem to ❤ their Sucuubus’s too
  19. Mages are always so whiny, always asking for our summons. (ok, that one goes for any class bar warlocks, because we get of our lazy backsides and actually fly out)
  20. Warlocks don’t have to resort to dirty tricks like using mirror images to confuse their enemy’s
  21. Mages get 1 pet at best, we get 5 pets, and 2 guardians
  22. We have useful pets
  23. We can tank, if mages try they just crushed underfoot.
  24. Mages yield tears of QQ. Locks eat the teas of QQ and become awsome
  25. Water elementals are really renamed squirt guns.
  26. The reason water elementals are permanent now is because mages cried enough QQ tears to meet their evaporation rate
  27. Mages just play with the ‘kiddie’ elements. Warlocks are real men who play with demons.
  28. Warlocks don’t force people to play portal roulette.
  29. Warlocks don’t play portal roulette with Blizzard’s Gnome engineers, they need the extended maintenance to provide more time to QQ on the forums
  30. We have a fun rotation, vs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISsOjfHgtws

Can you think of some more? @ me on twitter or leave it in the comments!


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