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Of warlock “nerfs” and other patchy stuff

Ok, so I logged in today, and like most warlocks I went straight to the target dummys. What did I find?

1) Anecdotally I was hitting about 11k dps today, last night I did 12k, these were both 5 minute dummy dps tests, with improved soul fire up as much as I could keep it. 1k difference is within RNG/bad play levels. I have an inactive meta gem that can make a LOT of difference (seriously, don’t under estimate it)

1) After looking over logs each of my spells (looking at non crit damage only, crit damage will be out by 9%~ due to my missing meta) was doing a few hundred less damage. Nerf? probably, worth worrying about? Maybe Still offset by 15% haste all the time? Yup

2) Improved soul fire is up ALL THE FUCKING TIME. 15% haste? #win

3) Meta gem requirements are being turned back to the old requirements

4) ????

5) profit

Unless someone comes up with some numbers to prove me wrong I’m sticking with that we got BUFFED not nerfed. I may re-evaluate this after tonight’s raid, but even so, 12% nerf base damage in return for 15% 80% of the time? Sounds like a fair trade to me.

I think a lot of people have been forgetting that improved soul fire has gone from 20% of a bosses HP to ALL THE TIME. I mean. Our best stat, 15% of it, all the time?

(I’m totally calling that it gets nerfed, warlocks get WAY to much free haste with that and DI, people will get capped far to easily in 4.3/4.4 gear, something the developers have specifically stated they want to avoid)

(I totally called the meta gem reversal on twitter ages ago >.>)

(protip, don't be like these guys complaining of not being able to hit target dummys)

And a update after last nights raid!
The short version, I was wrong, I think, each spells damage is down slightly, but the 15% haste buff seems to be making up for it (maybe?) I’m starting to think in current high end ICC gear levels it may not be worth it to keep up improved soul fire, or perhaps I need to drop some haste? I’m at the 1406 ‘sweet spot’, by my understanding if we have 15% haste up all the time then the 1406 haste number can be lowered greatly.

I would addor simcraft to test this with, but my C compiling foo has never been that great, and with armory imports not exactly working (last I heard), so it may not be worth it.

Once (if I get my meta back before the next raid) the meta gem requirements get turned back I’m fully expecting to be back where I was.


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