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Thoughts on cataclysm

So heres are some of my thoughts about cataclysm. Not just the specific changes but what the developers seem to be trying to do with the game as a whole.

Cataclysm is coming, its barely a few weeks away. Changes upon changes are being laden upon players, whats this all in aid of? Is there some grand scheme that the developers are adhering to?

In short; yes.

Players are being given more places where players can shine, and show their skill. Along with places were bad players will be able to not so much as screw up, and not do as well. Both in quantifiable ways, and unquantifiable ways.

Lets take destruction warlocks, this used to be a fun, but sadly one dimensional spec. It was easy to play. Now warlocks have been given 2 new toys that will greatly effect how we play. Fel Flame and Demon soul. Destruction now can dps on the move, something that previously took a lot of planning and keeping your soul burns ready in preparation for it. Now theres 3 levels of awesome, instead of just 2. There will be a larger, more filled, gap between good players and bad players as opposed to wotlk where it was very binary.

We now also have a cooldown damage increasing ability. This allows for some players to shine with CD usage, and others to blatantly ignore it. Again we have a place where good players can shine, and bad players not so. This again is in aid of adding depth to our class. Demo warlocks will have to learn to stack 2 cooldowns, while other warlocks will have to learn how best to time they’re CD’s. We’ll be able to see not only demo warlocks trapped in ice in demo form but all warlocks with demon soul active!

The higher HP pools will lead to being able to take more damage, while being able to live. This is going to mean that standing in fire won’t kill you in 5 seconds flat and just being dead, we’ll see players able to take more damage without dieing. This is giving players a way to screw up, without a massive direct penalty (where as in wotlk if you stood in fire for more than 5 seconds you’d die). There will be a larger gap between bad players and good players as opposed to wotlk where it was very binary. (noticing a trend yet?)

The new talent trees are again in aid of this. We’re seeing a move away from part of the skill in the game being going to EJ and picking up a spec after the maths is done on exactly what the best talents are. Instead we’re given simpler builds that are easier to figure out without having to dive into a 100 page thread debating Improved soul leech Vs 3% hit.

Threat isn’t quite there as far as I’m concerned, or perhaps its just that the scaling is a little out of whack in wotlk (like a lot of other things). In Cataclysm heroics I was defiantly having to watch threat more so than in wotlk atm. Good players will know when to use their agro reducing ability’s and be able to ride the threat cap just that bit better, while bad players will use something like soul shatter early, and will hit the threat cap again much sooner.

Healer mana and spell selection are coming back into it. If you try to spam flash heal through cataclysm heroics you WILL run oom. People WILL die. and you will not progress. Where as in wotlk you can just spam your best spell over the raid as a whole and win. Theres going to be a greater difference between good healers and bad healers. You can tell a disc priest to spam PW:S on a 25man raid and they have just become a good healer by wotlk standards.

Am I looking forward to raiding in cataclysm with all these changes? Hell yes. Bring it on internet dragons.

Edit; To put it another way, in wotlk your either the dps who stands in fire, or doesn’t. In cataclysm you’ll be able to be the dps who stands in fire, moves out of fire after 5 seconds, moves out of fire after 10 seconds, or the dps who doesn’t stand in fire. There will be a greater range between good and bad.

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