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Pet peeve; Addon lists!

Every time someone posts a nice (or not so nice as the case is more times than not) people seem to instinctively ask for/give a list of addons, or identify the addons on screen with big boxes. But these days this has become a antiquated practice, and was highlighted for me a little while ago.

These days addons are becoming more and more complex. Back in vanilla/BC addons were very strict (or so I’m led to believe), they came looking like X, if you wanted it to look different you either got a new addon or you edited the LUA yourself.

These days pitbull can look like sUF, with enough configuration xPerl can (maybe) look like them (if you spent hours reconfiguring it away from its default… (actually no, you can’t, x-perl is THAT bad)), bartender can look like dominoes. and I’m sure someone could make another exsisting timer addon look like fortexocrist. What addons you use is now less important than how do you present that information.

I present to you 3x unit frame addons, all displaying the player frame. Which is which addon? (fuck I missed something on the third frame) If I didn't tell you this could be target, ToT and ToToT. (which would be stupid)

As I said this got highlighted for me a little while ago, in a raid shot, he had 4 unit frames showing. 1 was obviously his player frame, the other 3? No idea. He labeled them as pitbull 4.0. This doesn’t actually tell me anything useful, it doesn’t tell me that your target of target of target (I’m guessing its that, might of been focus too) frame is as big as your user frame because they’re obviously just as important as each other. In saying that, there are unique addons that do unique things, and you should (probably) list them.

In conclusion, addons are moving away from having one static look, slowly making addon lists more and more defunct, while at the same time when showing of your UI people need to move away from saying what addon is what, and onto what bit of information is being displayed, nothing OTT just ‘player frame’ is enough.

While I’m on the subject of posting UIs and posting them for the world to see. Posting one clean shot is just stupid and idiotic. Your UI can be clean as a whistle out of combat, but if 10,000 things pop out during combat then its just as stupid, if not more stupid than the player who starts with a messy UI that doesn’t change during combat. Combat shots (yes, s, that means plural) or don’t bother.

  1. November 15, 2010 at 1:21 am

    Obviously the 1st frame is superior. I mean, check out that drop shadow whoo!

    More and more I’m finding that the key to good add on use isn’t just getting the right damn one for what you want, no, it’s being willing to configure whatever you choose to do exactly what you want.

    Addons these days (the big, best ones) are very customisable.

  2. November 15, 2010 at 1:22 am

    ps. How can you be your own target? I didn’t even think it was possible to select yourself?

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