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Cataclysm first impressions

So, for epic wootage, I finally got into the cataclysm beta. In case it isn’t obvious, spoilers after the break.

I long since decided that if I got in, I wouldn’t want to go through any leveling if I could avoid it, so I skipped all the leveling and made several 85 pre-mades.  So what do I think so far? Buggy but still awesome. Flying over dun moroh is a big no no (the first warlock pre made I made became stuck endlessly there).

Ive run a few instances, mostly as dps, but I’ve done a couple as a disc priest.

Dead mines was a LOT of fun (or what I managed to do of it anyway) but sadly I didn’t have the best healer (pro tip, spamming flash heal means you have to drink after each pull, bad idea).  The bosses (ok, I only saw 2, so sue me) seemed to be a lot of move > cast > move > cast, which I love. These are the fights which really start to show player skill in avoiding damage and managing to do competitive damage at the same time.

Throne of the tides was interesting. The first boss was very nice, and took us a few attempts to get it right. The second boss… well hes the closest thing I’ve seen to free loot yet. The MC was fun, 2 stage fight, the first phase you fight a MC’d mob, the second phase? the MCing squid runs around the room randomly jumping on peoples heads MCing them. The last boss I wasn’t to impressed with, the first phase was nice, but the last phase I pretty much had no idea what was going on, and was over far to quickly. I targeted something, burnt it, and collected loot. o.O

I healed vortex pinnacle on a disc priest, and that was pretty much a joke. Mana was fine, and I was able to get away with large amounts of bubble, heal, and pennance, and tried to avoid Gheal and flash heal like the plague. The second boss was… annoying, unless we were missing a mechanic (possible) he seemingly randomly hit raid members for 50k HP. Through out the beta we have been told that keeping people at 50% hp or so would be fine, this atm works out to be about 40-50k hp. So what happens? ONE SHOT KO until I made the connection and started to push all 3 of us who were alive at that stage to more than 50k hp, this sadly resulted in me going OOM and dieing, luckily the internet dragon died as the tank died. Sadly I never got to the end boss, as I realized that my clock was out and I had about 3 minutes to log over and get to ICC… (oops).

I also managed to heal the new VOA esq instance. To be quite honest I didn’t pay to much attention to the fight itself, but frantically trying to keep everyone alive (It was my first beta healing experience, I was a bit over my head). But the felstorm phases seemed fun, again, more cast > move > cast > move stuff while trying to avoid all the FIRE. Again here, mana was a concern, I had to use both my fiend and hymn in conjunction, and a mana potion to be able to keep casting, granted I sorta forget power word: Barrier which might of helped a bit…

So what do I think of healer mana in Cataclysm after all the gloom and doom? Mana isn’t very much of a concern if everything goes well. The problem comes in when people do stupid things, you don’t have the time spare to heal them unless you use your fast heals. When you use your fast heals you run OOM. People have been looking at this as a 2 dimensional puzzle, mana vs throughput. What it really is is (imo) mana vs throughput vs time.

Another little tibit that I haven’t seen blasted around. Portals gone from dalaran? No biggie, now we have portals from your capital city’s (Stormwind and orgrimar, I havn’t looked at the other citys) to all of the new zones. (pro tip, you actually have to goto the zone before the portal becomes active)

But keep in mind, there first impressions are first impressions, for all I know I had an exceptionally good group for vortex pinnacle and could get away with just casting heal. Its also a very small sample size to make a judgment of how cata heroics will play out.

Expect more as time goes on 🙂

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