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Post patch raiding

Sunday my guild finally got back into ICC after the patch, and weeeee.

We saw many fun things like bombs exploding mid air on Blood Princes, jet packs throwing you around randomly on Lootship, and OH GOD WHY IS OMEN, BOSS TIMERS AND MY DOT TIMERS ALL IN ONE PLACE OH GOD WHY IS LDW ATTACKING ME. *splat*.Despite everyone getting used to all of their new ability’s, the night went rather smoothly, with a few tank deaths to spark things up a bit throughout the night (OH GOD ONE TANK LEFT ON FESTERGUT 8 STACKS OH GOD). And lastly Sindragosa? Hell.Warlock specific things?
Improved soul fire might seem like awesome, but at the moment bosses tend to get below 80% within one of 2 improved soul fire procs each fight

Bane of havoc is win. Pure win. Times to consider using it? When PP heads to his table for transition (I’m talking HM here) put bane of havoc on him, and open up on the adds. I’d be tempted to try this for non transition red ooze, but I don’t get enough dps of for a green ooze to really make it worth it. Lich king phase transitions are another good time. Possibly sindragosa air phases as well, depends on how your guild goes with the ice blocks. I think a lot of the skill from playing destruction is going to come from Bane of Havoc usage, and knowing when and where to use it. Also, bane of havoc? Yeah it works across phases in boss fights. Think Bane of Havoc on shadow Halion and burn physical Halion with 15% extra damage. =D

Empowered seed of corruption didn’t quite make the impression I was hoping for, but I only got around to using it on lootship. I think I’ll probably be dropping my affliction spec after this raid lockout for a demonology spec, and have some fun with Hellfire + Meta + Immolation aura + Hand of Guldan.

Nether ward was brilliant on sindragosa in P3, I could stay out for longer while taking less damage, and get more damage on Sindragosa than before. I’d also be tempted to use it on any fight with large amounts of magic damage (so… LDW, Festergut, Rotface, Professor putricide, Princes, BQL, Dreamwalker… yeah almost all of them)

I’m sure there’s more, and I’m sure more will come to me after this weeks raiding (I have a feeling tonight is HM halion! woot!).

Not so warlocky things?
Dps has gone up a lot, and people need to pay even more attention to phase transitions, our first real wipe was because people pushed PP over as a green ooze was spawning. DPS has had a significant boost so old rules of thumbs may not apply any more, for example We used to always push PP to phase 2 just after the first transition, but last time we almost managed to just before the first ooze spawned.

Debuffs have all been changed around, and something you may have taken for granted before may not be there now. An example would be the physical damage debuff, without it your tanks can get hit even harder than normal which will amplify any problems that your healers will be having. I’ve taken to applying curse of weakness on boss fights now after looking at a log where festergut hit our tank for close to 100k in under a second, and finding NO physical damage debuffs on him.

You may notice somethings are slightly different, or some ICC bug that causes everything to go badly. Don’t panic, and just work around it. Just because somethings different doesn’t mean your going to wipe horribly.

Last of all? Have fun! 🙂

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